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Air Canada

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAP)


What is the program?

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential assistance to employees and their dependents experiencing personal problems. The EAP is jointly sponsored by Air Canada and the unions.

Why do we have a program?

In any organization as many as 10% of employees may be having personal problems, which can significantly affect various areas of their lives. In addition to the stress placed on the troubled individuals and those closest to them, the ability to fulfill their work responsibilities may be affected. The management and unions of Air Canada recognize that the majority of human problems can be resolved and the negative effects reduced. The EAP offers help to employees in identifying solutions and working toward them. Everyone concerned can benefit from positive resolution of problems.

YVR EAP representatives:

Vicki Jensen - Western Regional Coordinator

Office: 604-270-5703

Cell: 778-991-4112


Peer Coordinators:

Susan Cherry

Mimi Reppen-Jeffers

Debbie Florczak

Christine Shea

Shannon McBride

Juliana Garcia-Niebla

Monique McElveen

Rhea Brunet


Human Solutions (formerly Wilson Banwell)

                                     Contact:   1-800-663-1142

       604-689-1717 (international or collect-call)

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