Union Component Executive (ACCEX)

Your Union Executive consists of eight members, who have been elected into their role by the membership. The Union leadership is dedicated to providing our membership with an effective and united voice so that our employer, our governments and our passengers can confidently acknowledge out members as safety professionals.

Component President:
Wesley Lesosky  w.lesosky@accomponent.ca

Component Vice- President:
Theresa Mitchell  t.mitchell@accomponent.ca

Interim Component Secretary Treasurer:
Guillaume Leduc guillaume@accomponeent.ca

Local 4091 President (YUL):
Natasha Stea president4091@gmail.com

Local 4092 President (YYZ):
Denis Montpetit denis@local4092.ca

Local 4094 President (YVR):
Carolyn Bugnon carolyn@local4094.ca

Local 4095 President (YYC):
Kim Wentzell kim@local4095.ca

Local 4098 President (Rouge):
Craig Smith craig.smith@cupe4098.ca