PBS Videos

The Videos here are all in English only. If you would like French, here is a link to YUL’s videos (thanks to YUL), some are in English only and some are in both English and French.

YUL Videos

If you are not finding what you need please email us at pbs@local4094.ca for assistance and video suggestions.


New User Interface Introduction:

New Hire Introduction to PBS Part 1:

New Hire Introduction to PBS Part 2:

Copy and pasting multiple bid lines (New UI):

Adding a Pairing with Departure date directly to your bid page from the Pairing Search:


Editing a bid line:


Bid Preference Editor Introduction (New UI):

Bidding Reserve ONLY (New UI):

CSSNBG to Reserve:

When to use Clear Schedule and Start Next Bid Group:


Using Multiple bid groups with Clear Schedule and Start Next Bid Group:


Bidding Reserve only as a back up:

Else Start Next Bid Group to Reserve:

Language Credit Coverage Bidding Reserve – Adding a Back Up Pairings Bid Group

Using Forget and Redo:

Downloading and Saving Pairings from the New UI Pairing Search – to print or PDF

Creating a Pairing Report with selected details:


How to Bid for Training:

Training Bidding – more info and in French

Pairing Number Depart On (Ordered):

Using the Reserve Merged Block Worksheet to plot out schedule (it’s not a perfect video but you may view it):

Vacation Bidding (not a PBS function – use Eforms):