Trip Trade Information

You may contact the Local 4094 Trip Trade committee by emailing

General TTS Rules to follow:

  • A pairing can only be part of one trade at a time
  • Three trades (transactions) maximum per month
  • Giving away a pairing is considered one transaction
  • One original pairing must remain on your schedule
  • Trades are possible up to 24 hours prior to departure
  • Can’t go under 65 hours (for regular blocks)
  • Can’t go over monthly limitations (80 or 85 hours)
  • Extension to 100 hours must be done via Crew Shed first
  • Can’t trade an overlap while bidding is open
  • One to None; is NOT a drop
  • One to Any; add what you are looking for in the Dialogue box
  • One to One; Only one creates the offer, the other joins it

Limited ACCESS during the Awards period:
The Automated Trip Trade program can be accessed anytime, however, trades involving an overlap into the next month will be frozen until a few hours after blocks are loaded into Netline after Contesting has been completed.
During the block awards period, trades for the present block month can be completed but the next block month trades will only be active after blocks are loaded to Netline.

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