Air Canada’s retirement programs structure contains numerous pension plans. Amongst these plans, there are different types of arrangements, namely the three of which that directly impact our in flight full time SD and FA members.

1. One is the Defined Benefit (DB) Pension Plan, in which members that were hired before November 7th 2011 would have had the opportunity to join and contribute.

2. Members hired after November 7th 2011 are a part of Hybrid Pension Plan – (Part DB and Part DC)

3. We also have our Rouge flow through members who maintain their Rouge pension throughout their career, regardless of flowing through. That said, Rouge pensions follow suit with regards to joining a Hybrid pension plan on and after November 7th 2011.


DB – Alight (English) 1-855-354-6944
Hybrid DC – Manulife (English) 1-888-727-7766

DB – Alight (French) 1-855-354-6943
Hybrid DC – Manulife (French) 1-888-388-3288







Taking a leave of absence? Don’t ignore how it can impact your retirement.
After a leave of absence, members have 90 days to buyback their pension from the date they return to duty. 

Did you know?
DOT (Duty Over Time) is indeed considered pensionable income as it goes towards ones monthly limitations, as does CDD (Continuous Duty Day).
In the pay system, the DOT earning code is G2K – Grd Duty Svc To Psgr and the CDD earning code is G2E – Duty Extension Premium.
Both of such codings are considered pensionable earnings.

Navigate your pension plan by visiting the plan’s website through HR Connex. It is important to review your annual pension statements, the pension plan handbook and ask for help if you don’t understand it. 

Pension estimates can be done through the ACAeronet portal

Follow These Steps

Sign into Aeronet:
1. Select My HR from the tool bar at the top of the page
2. On the left side of the page in the My Pension section, select Information and Tools
3. Select Define Benefit to do the calculations. Chose Retirement Planner for self guided planning exercise
4. Select the first sentence Click here to view your pension information hypertext
5. Several options for plan information, form & calculations. Choose Tools for calculations
6. Options for Short Term (within 4 months) or Long Term calculations
7. You can run different retirement dates. Different pension amounts and options will be displayed as applicable.These different scenarios can be saved for later viewing.We encourage all pension plan members to use this guide to access your pension plan details and familiarize yourself with your greatest benefit. The more information and knowledgeable each of us have, the more prepared you will be to make decision about your pension.All pension inquiries are now handled by Mercer call center representatives.The contact is 1 800-645-5000 or